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We’ve got the money now!

AWESOME!!! We’ve got some fast cash from the Leaders, from the $2,000 loan they requested, and they distributed it between the citizens once they cashed in. w00t! Couldn’t ask for something better! :D Ahah, now my family’s problems for the month are over! It’s just $150, but that’s exactly the extra we needed, so it’s all fine. Aww I’m so happy! ^_^

Of course, I’m still pondering over the possibility to sell a few artworks and crafts I’ve made over the weeks, at school and/or at home, and I must say I find the chance alluring, because it would make me feel a sense of self-realization, and yet another step into adulthood. :)

I will upload a few samples of what I can do on this blog, sooner or later. I’m still not sure when, because I have many pages to write and upload here, since the domain is still new, but I’m going to work on this project weekly from now on, and – of course – any suggestions from YOU readers are welcome! :D Thanks.

Family needs

A student loan? A cash advance quota? Oh, we may surely need any of these, especially now that mommy Starla is pregnant… Dad Ferno is wise and foreseeing, and I’m sure he will come up with a good idea to get more money into the family. I’m thinking about doing some part time job to help my parents, and perhaps mom will sell some of her crafts to add to it.

I’m still deciding whether I should sell my hand-made artworks or not. I know I’m still young, either for this and for a part-time job, but I really WANT to help my family financially. They do so much for me every day, so many sacrifices, so many sleepless nights to look after me and little Red Alert, and we can’t do anything in return… It’s just not right.

Well, forgive the straight-forward blog entry, but I needed to let this out quickly, because I was on the verge of bursting into tears this morning. :( I hope dad and mom will find a solution soon…